Statistics & Probability

Statistics & Probability

CPM Data Representation

CPM Data.PNGThis tool allows users to enter bivariate data into lists which can be broken down into various statistics. It will display box plots, single-variable statistics, stem and leaf plots, and so on. This is an alternative to having the functionalities of some graphing calculators to perform the same tasks. Its purpose is automating calculations. It supports the statistics aspects of secondary mathematics. For a more detailed evaluation of this tech tool, click here.

Lesson Plan on Probability: Using Deal or No Deal

This lesson plan was created by Tom DeRosa. The lesson itself is not inherently a
technology, but could easily be modified or enhanced to use or require technology to use it. He had to modify the playing of it, but one may be able to modify it using an app like’s version. This lesson aligns very well with some aspects of the CCSS Math Standards on Probabilty from the high school standards. I enjoy it though worry that Deal or No Deal might not be a game students are currently aware of. They may need to see clips of an episode or two like this.