Number & Quantity

Number & Quantity

1.  Illuminations- Free Ride Free Ride.png

This activity heavily builds and relies on understandings of fractions and ratios to gear a bike. It has a low entry point for all math learners, but is best geared toward students who have had practice with basic fraction operations (though determined players may figure it out without this understanding). This activity gradually builds on understanding of fractions and ratios and increases in difficulty.

Free ride requires Adobe Flash player, which means it will not play on mobile iOS devices (iPhone and iPads will not be able to use this applet). Otherwise, as long as a device has access to the internet, it should work on any platform. It is free to use, not downloadable, and also does not require a login to use. For a more detailed evaluation, see this page.

2. Vector Investigation: Boat to Island

boat to island.PNGThis activity allows students to explore the two main properties of vector: magnitude and direction. The goal is to get the boat to a little island. The boat and the current of the water both have vectors and participants have to use the correct magnitude and direction to get to boat to the island given the changing current.

This free resource will run on anything that runs Adobe Flash Player, meaning it will not run on an iPad or iPhone. As long as the device hooked up to the Smart Board is compatible with Adobe Flash Player, it should work. For a more detailed evaluation, see this page.