Math Videos

QBG Math Videos

video shotThese videos were made for explaining standards in simple terms. I created this resource this school year and posted them on YouTube. Most of the recent ones are related to Geometry. They from the Geometry standards as out lined in the CCSS Math. These could be a great resource for teachers or students looking for a little specific help on a specific topic. Most of them are related to Geometry, but some are related to other topics. Because this is a YouTube channel, it will work on any device that allows YouTube. The link actually takes you to one of the videos I made for Geometry as I was teaching it live. For a more detailed evaluation of this resource, click here.

Tarver Academy


Tyler Tarver is a math teacher from Arkansas. He has a great website and fantastic videos. They are organized super well and are great resources. His accent is fun to listen to and his energy in the things he teaches naturally draws the viewers in. His videos cover nearly all high school math concepts and are a great resource for students, teachers, and parents who haven’t done math for years. Here is a more detailed evaluation of this technology resource.