MAET Year 2: Online

In the fall of 2016 through the spring of 2017, I took four courses online. This meant I took two courses at a time during almost the whole school year while teaching. Though I learned a lot, I would not recommend trying to do so and expect any sort of a life outside of teaching and learning. However, I loved what I learned.

I learned about what learning really is in various settings: what it takes to be an expert. I developed my own philosophy of learning. The foundations and approaches to educational research and when to trust the “experts” was another class I did, along with a hefty start to a research project/paper. Because I teach math, I took a class on teaching mathematics with technology and curated a whole lot of technology tools and resources for teaching mathematics. I also learned about leadership in educational technology. Here is an example of what I learned about failure and success with that class: