MAET Year 1 Experience: Hybrid

Awesome Results from learning project

In the summer of 2016 my MAET experience began in East Lansing on the beautiful MSU campus. We met for two weeks in person, and finished four more weeks at home, taking three classes all blended into one whole: During those intense 6 weeks, we learned about Punya Mishra & Matt Koehler’s TPACK (see image & ),  loads of amazing Tech Tools and apps, discovered what a Maker Fair was and put one on, as well as really thought about what it means to create. We also learned about what a Wicked Problem is: a problem that really will never be solved but in the attempt to solve it creates a better understanding of the problem and potentially better solutions to the worlds issues. We also learned from A Beautiful Question by Warren Berger and then learned something. I didn’t think the project I decided to learn was as inspiring as I wanted it to be concerning this book, so I learned two things and had awesome results.  I also blogged about things I learned and my reflections on it.

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