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After doing some research on programs from schools with excellent reputations, and knowing that I wanted some flexibility on how to learn, I discovered Michigan State University’s MAET graduate degree program. Their Master of Arts in Educational Technology is focused around teaching teachers to effectively integrate technology into their content area accompanied by excellent teaching techniques. Each of the three years of the program provided new,

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Example of strength needed to teach while going to school. Moab, UT

greater insights into how I can improve. How I participated in the program was a little unique. MSU offers the necessary courses in three different ways: a hybrid program where students get some in-class work and some online work for the same courses, a fully online route, and an overseas experience in Ireland. Students can chose any of those paths to get their masters. I figured I would try them all.

In the summer of 2016 my MAET experience began in East Lansing on the beautiful MSU campus. We met for two weeks in person, and finished four more weeks at home, taking three classes all blended into one whole: During those intense 6 weeks, we learned about Punya Mishra & Matt Koehler’s TPACK, loads of amazing tech tools and apps, discovered what a Maker Fair was and put one on, as well as really thought about what it means to create. A Maker Fair is really what learning should be about. Recently I saw this post from Education Week on LinkedIn. It really hit home with this topic, looking at it again two years after learning about it for the first time. The goal of education should be to create. Learn more about my hybrid experience here.

Kinselle, Ireland

In the fall of 2016 through the spring of 2017, I took four courses online. I learned about what learning really is in various settings: what it takes to be an expert. The foundations and approaches to educational research and when to trust the “experts” was another class I did, along with a good start to a research paper. Because I teach math, I took a class on teaching mathematics with technology. I also learned about leadership in educational technology. Please learn more about and see examples of what I created during these courses here.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

In the summer of 2017, I completed my coursework for the MAET program in Ireland. During this coursework we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to create our own infographic pretty much from scratch, made an iCinemograph with Adobe Photoshop, and used iMovie to make a movie. We also read from Sparks of Genius by Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein and discussed the 13 thinking tools of creativity. To learn more about my overseas experience, click here.