Math Playground: Reflect & Rotate.Reflect & Rotate.PNG

Students needing to interact with rotations and reflections? This tech tool is the tool for you. It is a very simple program that gives the user a few transformations to try to a figure on a coordinate plane. This is a free resource. It uses javascript, which works on most devices. It may not be able to work on Chromebooks, but I’m not sure. For a more detailed look at Reflect & Rotate, see this page.

Illuminations by NCTM IGD: Dropping a Perpendicular Line

The thing I enjoy about this activity is it is just that: an activity. On it’s own, there isn’t mPerpendicular.PNGuch that a student could get out of it without more from the teacher. Basically, you press a button on the upper left part of the screen and it does something. Then you press the next button under, continuing until there is a perpendicular line. Everything else about this activity completely depends on the teacher. Otherwise, it’s a rather lame activity. For a more detailed evaluation of this tech tool, see this page.

Khan Academy: Distance Formula

Students need practice with immediate feedback for the Distance Formula? This is the tool for you! It provides instant feedback for solving practice for finding the distance between two points on a coordinate plane. What if they get stuck? No worries! There is an easy to see link to a video or they can get a hint. For regular classroom use, the teacher can create a classroom in Khan Academy, have students add themselves to the class, and their progress can be tracked. This specific topic covered by Khan Academy is one of hundreds, if not thousands. Khan Academy does not stop at math, it has a little bit of everything! However, for the purposes of this review, it covers the CCSSM 8.G.B.8: Using Pythagorean Theorem to find the distance between points.

This tool (as well as all of Khan Academy) is a free tool. It will work on any computer and even has an app available on Apple and Android platforms. As it can be used on any computer, it is also SmartBoard friendly. There are links to YouTube videos within the program, so anything YouTube can run on will also run Khan Academy. Again, click here for a more detailed evaluation.

Math is Fun: Geometric Constructions

This resource has the most straight forward demonstrations of geometric constructions math is fun constructionsI’ve seen. It animates a compass and straight edge to perform all sorts of geometric constructions like bisecting an angle, constructing a line parallel or perpendicular to another line through a point not on the line, inscribing a shape in a circle or a circle in a shape. It’s amazing. Especially where what is required of both students and professionals who would have to use geometric constructions, seeing an online demonstration is brilliant. My students may not be as excited about it as I am, but I love it. It’s free, it can be used on any device, and is easy to see. I use it as a reference and demonstration.