General Presenting & Teaching

General Presenting & Teaching

These are tools I’ve used to present lessons.


Educreations. With this app, it basically turns your iPad into a small white board that also records your voice as you’re writing and teaching. To the white board, you can add text, documents, websites, maps, take pictures, insert images and draw on them. With this tool, teachers are able to share lessons with students (and parents). It’s available for the iPad right now, but they may be expanding to other operating devices. One thing I’m not a fan of with Educreations is that in order to save multiple videos, there is a monthly fee that isn’t exactly teacher friendly ($11.99 per month). This is a steep price but could be justified if it is used.

geogebra  Geogebra is a program that lets students create graphs, any geometric shape, animate (move parts) of those figures, and do all sorts of other helpful mathematical applications. There are applets created by others that accompany certain geometric concepts such as the distance formula, transformations of geometric figures, transformations of functions on a graph, The disadvantage is it’s not as intuitive as I think it could be and with that, there is kind of a sharp learning curve.

we  Woordle. This is a web-based application to make word clouds. This can be used to solidify vocabulary and the concepts surrounding them. Teachers or students can create a group of . It’s a free application that is web-based and works with a recent version of a Java browser plugin. In mathematics class, it can be used this to make sure key mathematical terms and vocabulary are firmly understood and used with mathematical language precision. One less optimal feature is if you push the “back”arrow, everything is lost. Also, if you don’t have a recent Creating your own account would need to be a must. For student log-ins, this might be a constraint.

easel gives students the chance to show the connections they are making within mathematics. This could be the with shapes, functions, or any topic. The problems I ran into with this was selecting a graphic organizer from the ones they have available that would fit what I wanted with minimal editing. It is possible to create your own from scratch, but that is also less-intuitive.

edpuzzleEdPuzzle is my favorite newly discovered teaching technology tool. It allows teachers to take any video and turn it into an interactive video, requiring students to answer questions correctly before the video will continue to play. In their own words, it allows you to “Save time: Take already existing videos from Youtube, Khan Academy, Crash Course, etc. or upload your own. Engage students easily: Enable self-paced learning with interactive lessons, add your voice and questions along the video. Reinforce accountability: Know if your students are watching your videos, how many times and see the answers they give.” There is an iOS, Android, and Chrome app as well as a YouTube extension available for this website. Click here for my more detailed evaluation and here for their support page for teachers, which includes a great deal of information.

video shotQBG Math Videos  These videos were made for explaining standards in simple terms. I created this resource this school year and posted them on YouTube. Most of the recent ones are related to Geometry. They from the Geometry standards as out lined in the CCSS Math. These could be a great resource for teachers or students looking for a little specific help on a specific topic. Most of them are related to Geometry, but some are related to other topics. Because this is a YouTube channel, it will work on any device that allows YouTube. The link actually takes you to one of the videos I made for Geometry as I was teaching it live. For a more detailed evaluation of this resource, click here.


Tarver Academy Tyler Tarver is a math teacher from Arkansas. He has a great website and fantastic videos. They are organized super well and are great resources. His accent is fun to listen to and his energy in the things he teaches naturally draws the viewers in. His videos cover nearly all high school math concepts and are a great resource for students, teachers, and parents who haven’t done math for years. Here is a more detailed evaluation of this technology resource.