Communicating and Social Media

Communicating & Social Media

Bloomz small

Bloomz is new to me and looks like it is going to be an optimal communication tool. It allows teachers to set up an account, invite parents to join in whichever way they want (email, text, or whatever) to get updates about the class. The teacher can notify specific parents in real time about things like forgetting a lunch or all parents about upcoming due dates and pictures of what we are doing in class. The biggest drawback I can see so far is to do more, there are parts that must be paid for and if parents don’t opt in to this service, this service is useless.

remindRemind is a way for parents and students to opt in to get reminders from me about upcoming tests and other big dates. The biggest drawback is getting that set up and log in. Once set up, though, reminders can be sent via text.

twitterI will tweet out what we do in class often with my school account. With #QBGMath, students can post pictures of examples of mathematics in every day life, mathematics illiteracy and other things they want their fellow classmates to see regarding mathematics. Organizing these tweets is the biggest drawback without a clear hashtag. Luckily there are other apps that will organize them.

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