It is important for students to feel mathematical success, accomplishment and achievement often. This will come as they meaningfully interact with mathematical concepts guided by me, their teacher. Through effective instruction and effort, student understanding and love of math will increase, creating powerful problem solvers. It is of great importance, then, that I have the skills and knowledge necessary to instruct effectively.

Spartan Stadium

Though I have been teaching since 2005, it is important that I continue to learn. It is important that I feel success, accomplishment and achievement in whatever I learn as a student. This past year and a half I been a student deepening my knowledge of technology, pedagogy and mathematics. To stay on top of the most effective instructional techniques (pedagogy) and technologies, I found Michigan State University’s Masters of Arts in Educational Technology program. The courses challenged me and taught me to be a more effective teacher with the help of technology. Please learn about my entire MAET experiences here. To sharpen and strengthen my mathematical knowldege, I’ve become a Indiana Wesleyan University Wildcat by enrolling in their graduate certificate program in mathematics. Please read later about my experiences at IWU as they are currently in progress and therefore under construction.

Other achievements I am rather proud of is being an item writer and item evaluator for the SAGE. The SAGE is Utah’s state assessment program. The Utah State Office of Education hired teachers to participate in this process of writing the items, or questions, for the interim and end of level tests. This involved knowing the core standards we were trying to meet as well as the depth of knowledge we were writing to. Through this process, I learned the intricate details attended to in the standards for being able to write questions for them. I also learned better about depth of knowledge and how depth doesn’t mean how hard a question is.

In the 12 years of teaching I have, I’ve taught some amazing students, worked with talented teachers, and been under the helpful and watchful eye of some incredible administrators. Please learn about my teaching experiences and see my resume for further details.