A Chat About ALEKS, Class & Time

I had a parent ask a fantastic question about ALEKS and figured more than one person would benefit from this information.

From a parent:

I have a quick question about ALEKS. I’ve talked w/three other Moms and I guess we’re all confused. 🙂
Do you focus only on ALEKS in class? Or, are there lesson plans you teach and assignments from your daily lessons during class time. The amount of ALEKS homework is CRAZY!! And we’re curious how much is done in class. I guess I’m hoping most of class is spent not “learning” from a computer.
Thanks for any insight.


Fantastic questions! Thanks for asking them.
I teach a lesson in class every class period. Then students work on practice and evaluations on ALEKS. Whatever time is left over is time to work on the ALEKS topics. When they are practicing, if they forget the lesson, they can go to my blog (www.qbgsecmath1.blogspot.com) and re-watch the lesson.
So, they get a lesson and they get time to work on ALEKS in school. There is no homework beyond ALEKS, though. In fact, at home, all they need to do is work on topics.
I don’t require an amount of time spent in ALEKS, only topics learned. If they can learn the number of weekly topics in a half hour, they are done for the week. If it takes them longer, it takes them longer. They are welcome to ask me questions in class, before school, during lunch or after school to help learn the topics faster/better. I agree that ALEKS isn’t the greatest at reteaching or teaching in general. That’s why I’ve provided the videos and lots of opportunities to ask questions.
Hope this clears things up.
Ms. Q