NLP Mock 2 Update

Designing a well decorated wall and creating the artwork to hang on the wall is fun. I gathered a few more supplies and started painting using techniques I researched.

I found some tips for painting with acrylics at Here are the steps and how I followed them. The author suggests to

  1. Prepare your canvas. This part was easy because buying prestreched canvas that’s primed and ready to go is a simple thing to do.

    Canvases from Hobby Lobby
  2. Set the mood with a tonal background color. I wanted to paint some aspens, so a blue background seemed appropriate. IMG_0068
  3. Set up your canvas and supplies. I gathered brushes, paint, put paper down and sat where I could be inspired by the painting I’m trying to coordinate with. IMG_0067
  4. Choose appropriate brushes. I like the texture that the 2 inch brush was going to provide, the course brush provided by the long one with the thicker handle. The next one would provide good coverage. The finer brushes would allow me to have greater detail. Not sure how much detail I want to do, but I’m prepares.
  5. Create an under painting. Though I didn’t do this, I painted the stuff that I imagined would be in the background that I would be painting over. IMG_0070
  6. Adjust colors appropriately. They were referring to how acrylic dries vs oils. Oils will dry the same color the paint is, while acrylics will generally dry a little lighter than what the paint is. IMG_2852
  7. Experiment with a medium. This is all about the texture. I’ve never tried painting with any texture before. Notice the shadows created by the thicker paint used in some areas. Very exciting and new.
  8. Have a safe place for your canvas to dry. Isn’t too hard to do as I don’t have children to knock it over. IMG_2857

There are some things I’d like to still tweak about this painting, but overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out.



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