Getting My Shift Together

A New NLP Planning Post

I have decided I would like to do a crash course on painting art for my house. I’ve never tried producing paintings to display in my own house, but now is the time. Creating something unique yet stylish will be difficult and my goal. The feelings that come from creating something you see every day will be very rewarding. For example, I have simple flower pots on my porch and patio that give such a feeling of satisfaction when I see them. I feel I’ve created something that others enjoy looking at and I enjoy the up keep. Here in Utah we hardly get any rain in the summer, so watering them every day is necessary. With paintings, there won’t be much of an upkeep other than clever arranging.

The resources I plan on using are inspiration from a painting I already have, Lowe’s, online resources, my mother, Hobby Lobby, and the work of my grandmother. The painting I already have I bought at Lowe’s a few years ago. There are other pieces of artwork at Lowe’s that might coordinate with the one I have, so I’m going to see what else they have I can draw inspiration from. Online resources I will look for are artwork ideas and hanging artwork design ideas. I don’t want these paintings to be replicas of what I already have, but coordinating pieces of various sizes and shapes. I don’t know which ones will look good or how to hang them, so the internet will be a good asset. Once I know what sizes and shapes I want, Hobby Lobby has in the past had good art supplies. I will get the supplies from there and maybe some painter’s tape from Lowe’s. My mother is the craft lady for a summer girls camp. They did some paintings this year involving the painter’s tape and had some great ideas come out of it. My grandmother painted with oils and created some fantastic pieces I’d also like to draw from.

Here are the results for some of these resources.

The painting I want to coordinate with.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For a project update, see my next post, NLP Mock 2 Update


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