NLP: Shift Happens & Lessons Learned

I began this project with the question, “How can I create an interactive math program for my students that will allow them to teach a computer how to do math?”

It was quite exciting to finally join the millions of people who experienced the Hour of Code movement. I learned through watching videos and ultimately through an app on my iPad called Learn HTML Fundamentals by Solo Learn, Inc. I took lots of notes, tried things out as I went, and got the certificate saying I passed the course. Then, trying to apply it, my efforts were very lame. It became very tedious to be in front of a computer for that long, especially during the summer. I felt like the creative juices were sucked out of me and that though I had dreams of creating an application, there is no way I was going to get there in the remaining 2 weeks. For now, here is what I’ve done. I’ve abandon ship and shifted projects, even. Those projects may have to have a final blog post about them done next week. 

What I’ve Learned HTML Coding

On July 13th, after days of working on this, I earned this certificate.


I worked with that, worked for quite a long time and wrote this code:

Which produced this:

With this much progress after too many hours of working on it, I came to the realization that coding is not calling to me. I loathe it. However, I have learned. What I have learned is as follows:

  • There are better ways of spending my time in the summer besides in front of a computer.
  • I can slightly edit code when needed (such as in
  • Coding takes a lot of time and I have a new respect for coders.
  • Creativity is not the level I’d be at for quite a while with coding and in order for me to really feel my Maker blood flow, I need to shift my interests.

Yes, I had good goals to change the world of my math students through an interactive math program, but I’m going to have to shift gears, this late in the game.  Creating what I wanted is just too big of a mountain to climb. In order to get to the point where I could create anything uniquely helpful, it would take more time that I have to learn, too much time to practice, and too much time behind the screen, sitting in a chair. I’ve made good efforts, working on this for hours every day. I’ve learned a lot, but it’s stifled my creative juices and my brain feels like it’s going to pop.

Here is my new planning post, Getting My Shift Together

Here is an update on that new project.



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