NLP Update 7/7

Update 6/30

I found through trying to do things online, that html coding could be quite helpful for me to get a better website. In discussing this with my professor, it may not be the most useful for my classroom.

What I want to learn to make with coding is a interactive math learning program. For now, I want to focus that programming on something web-based that doesn’t require flash or java. Not sure what this one is, but that is what research is for.

Update 7/7

Things are proving to be more tricky than I had planned to get what I wanted with creating an interactive math learning program. There are a lot out there and I fear that my limited time and abilities in general will get in the way.

Turns out the intro to coding I saw on Khan Academy is part of a national push for people to learn how to code. I found this video to be helpful to explain the growing need and push to code:

Apparently, I’m getting in on this a little late in the game, as this big push happened in 2015. Better late than never. Worse still in my timing is with Khan Academy. They started their lesson on “Hour of Code” looks like back in 2013. It jumps learners into learning how to draw using JavaScript. My first hour of code had me draw a simple snowman. This is the end result, with a few minor embellishments. Snowman codingI went above and beyond what they asked me to do, because I could. I am understanding the idea of how to code much better. Main things I need to remember is the function, parenthesis, and the semicolon. Will drawing with JavaScript help me reach my end goal of an interactive math program? Perhaps if this is considered a baby step.

Using the ideas of David Allen, I have captured my thinking and identified my goal as learning to code so my students can interact with multiplying polynomials like I did (Allen, 2002). This means I need to write enough code so that what students will do is tell this program how multiply polynomials. I want this to be accessible online. The next part Allen mentions needs to be done is make outcome/action decisions. This is where taking doing my first hour to code has been helpful: I had no idea where to start. Now, I do.

My next step is to learn HTML/CCS coding. Luckily, Khan Academy has HTML/CCS and SQL coding available for the learning. This will be my biggest phase. I will also see what my students used. At least a few students wrote code for a game they created as part of a class. Utah’s College and Career Readiness course is all available online and will be a good resource for that. I don’t necessarily want a game, but learning to do what they did will be great. Khan Academy also guided me to other websites to further my learning. They are and (Khan Academy, 2016).


Allen, D., (2002). Getting things done: The art of stress-free productivity. New York: The Penguin Group.

Len.Oguri1, (2016). Hi, I want to ask you what programs helpful for write code? Please introduce me, thank you! [Answer to question] Khan Academy. Retrieved July 7, 2016 from
Update 7/9

I found a great asset! An iPad app that teaches everything I ever wanted with coding. In fact, when I first opened the app, they had the following image. Here, I discovered that it will be best to start with HTML, then CSS, then JavaScript. Mind blown! So, I downloaded three apps, each for learning these three languages. They are made by Sololearn Inc.. Away I go!


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